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Sri Lanka is one of the major producers of gems in the world and has been renowned for its fine gemstones for several centuries. And the beautiful island is a major hub for over 75 types of valuable and semi-precious gemstones. A Sri Lanka gem tour will offer you an in-depth study of the gem sector – what kind of gems are available, how they are produced, the best places to buy from, and so on.

For the last several million years, extreme weather and massive erosion have culminated in strong and substantial accumulations of soil in the flood plains of rivers, reservoirs, and the now-buried river canals of the Highland complex. Major secondary-alluvial-gem deposits are accumulated within these weathering materials. Except for a few sedimentary occurrences in the Eastern Vijayan Complex, nearly all deposits of Sri Lankan gem have been reported within the Highland and, to a lesser degree, the Southwest Classes.

Famous gemstones found in Sri Lanka

Gem Tours Gem Tours Gem Tours

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