Train Tours

Since we are blessed with some of the most diverse and scenic geographical locations, one of the best methods of exploring Sri Lanka is undoubtedly the localtrain service. Yet to be upgraded into the world of high-speed electric trains, our little island nation regularly makes use of its diesel trains and old steam locomotives that still run majestically. Yes, you guessed it right. You can see the trains, chugging and the smoke rising from a distance which makes your holiday more exciting and memorable.

About three or four times slower than the electric trains that we see in many developed countries, our engines still manage to wind through mountains and terrains enabling you to view some of the most picturesque sites that you have ever seen.

The railway lines run through most of the major cities in Sri Lanka and are well used to explore the Central Highlands. The average train speed allows you to witness day to day activities of little villages hidden among the mountains while the old tunnels that still stand tall and sturdy takes your excitement into another level. You can breathe in the fresh air while the train passes through gorgeous mountain ranges that are bursting with tea plantations, trees, flowers, scenic waterfalls and many more. What’s more, you can pass through thick vegetation of untouched forests or pass a roaring river over a bridge built long ago. Photography options are endless. We at Lakpura cater to your travel needs and we are willing to incorporate some of these breathtaking train journey’s in to your Sri Lankan tour. Talk to us today to visit your favourite holiday destination and make memories that will last forever.

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