Lovamahapaya ෴ ලෝවාමහාපාය

Lovamahapaya Lovamahapaya Lovamahapaya

Lovamahapaya in Sri Lanka: The Brazen Palace of Sri Lanka

Lovamahapaya in Sri Lanka, also known as the Brazen Palace or Lohaprasada, is a set of ruins with hundreds and hundreds of stone pillars that lie between the stupa Ruvanvelisaya and the Great Bodhi Tree of Anuradhapura. This is the location of a once mighty nine storied monastic structure built by the King Dutugemmunu in the 2nd century BC.

Lovamahapaya in Sri Lanka: The jewelled structure

The building is supposed to have included a refectory, assembly hall and chapter house, and the roof was covered in bronze tiles (hence the name ‘Brazen palace’). The edifice with its 400 foot long sides was supported by 40 rows of 40 stone pillars, totalling 1600 pillars, most of which are still remain standing to this day.The Brazen Palace is said to have been a beautifully detailed and jewelled structure in its hayday, according to historical records

The actual building of Lovamahapaya in Sri Lanka, however, was long destroyed during the time of King Sadhatissa. The small building that now stands in the veritable forest of pillars is a modern chapter house currently being used by the Maha Vihara monastic order.

Lovamahapaya Lovamahapaya Lovamahapaya

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